In collaboration with Growstack, we are hosting a meetup to discuss the relationship between food production, technology and the perception of nature. This talk will be the kick-off to a larger research project to test and explore the significance of technologies, such as vertical garden system, through food performances to examine ways to re-establish the link between people and nature.


The discussion topic is detailed below:



What possibilities arise when food and tech intertwine? Can our perception of ‘the nature’ and ‘the local’ be reimagined, when new technologies are brought into play in relation to food? Can technology add new layers to our perceptions and experiences? New technologies are challenging the status quo of the old industrial paradigms, and tech giants are tapping into the field of food. Can and should technology play with our perceptions of nature, locality, and sensory experience of food?











Perceptions of Nature and

Locality in the Culinary Sector

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