Garden Milieu

Composing a Transitory Landscape


In March 2015, a request for proposals was sent out to landscape architecture firms to develop a garden proposal for Den Frie with “classic park expression.” I feel this undermines the fundaments for which Den Frie was built, which was a “defiance of convention.” As my final thesis project, Garden Milieu, challenges the current garden design process, by claiming that the architecture of Den Frie and the landscape that surrounds are not separate entities, rather they are both products of transitions over time. The thesis project was developed over the course of one year, and fused together building analysis, urban planning studies, and plant material research to develop a constantly changing landscape design.  The objective of Garden Milieu was to expand upon the discourse of landscape architecture through the concurrent exploration and synthesis of landscapes in transition. In this way I was able to analyze the relationship between Den Frie and its landscape.


The thesis was comprised of three parts. The first part was comprised of historical and present day analysis of Den Frie and its surround context. The second part dealt with establishing different planting materials, and the last part articulated my design proposal.

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