Drawing Absence

Den Frie Udstillingsbygning



Book Design


In conjunction with the building transformation, Den Frie has created Projekt Fri:rum, an exploratory stage for artists to develop works that are inspired by, respond to, or react with the construction process of the building. I was asked to develop a series of drawings that responded to the building construction. I developed, “Drawing Absence,” which acted as a laboratory to test how different representational mediums, photography, architectural drawing, film, and installations, can be used as tools to study and document Den Frie Udstilling building construction processes.


At the end of the exhibition, I decided to develop a book that would function as project documentation. As you flip through the pages text and images come to the foreground or fade into the background. My intention with this book was to evoke my own drawing process through out the project. There were 5 copies made in total, all pages were hand drawn and cut myself.

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