Baijie Curdt-Christiansen (DK)



Baijie Curdt-Christiansen has been making cocktails inspired by seasonality and local ingredients for 6 years. She has previously worked in top bars, such as the Red Door in Paris and Lidkoeb in Copenhagen.

Kala Sung (NY / KOR)

Food Artist / Chef


Kala, Korean NewYorker is a curious eater. She also loves to cook and laugh and share her amazing food experiences with everyone. She cooks whatever pops into her mind with whatever fresh produce is laying around and always adds in just a teaspoon of her lovely craziness. An alumn of CIA with an M.A. in Food Studies from NYU and the former consultant chef at the Four Seasons Restaurant, Kala’s vibrant charming energy fills any kitchen with light and life.


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lysbid (DK)

Food artist/ chef & Lighting designer


Maria Cramer-Møller and Anna Østergaard Laursen work with interactive room design with a focus on light and food art. Their installation works invite active interaction and challenge the participant's sense of security, habit and comfort, with the aim of creating an extended horizon.


A common interest in exploring the borderland between insecurity and security is bringing us together as artists in the tension between edible elements, light influences and the sensual game we create together. It is reflected in our work, which challenges the guest to explore something unknown and at times scary through taste, light and interaction with strangers.


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Food artist / chef


Augusta Sørensen is a storyteller by heart and an artist by intuition – contemporary yet intimate. With an endless source of creativity I approach story-making from a sensous angle transforming an objective, a theme, a thought into texture and taste, flavour and form bringing people together.


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Salty Studio (UK)

Food artist / chef


Maud de Rohan Willner is a French/British creative food & experience designer in London. Focusing on the senses, she aims to tell stories and create interactive experiences for her guests to remember. Combining food and design she wants to explore innovative ways to convey messages and transmit emotions, through textures, colours, flavours, aromas and more.


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Food blogger


Stephanie Alemanno, foodblogger and founder of the concept SANKE-KUR, creating recipes and guided tours concerning wild food.


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Tine Galatius (DK)

Food artist / chef


Tine Galatius is an independent chef and food artist who merges the powerful discipline ”cooking” with foodart, -design, -science and –diplomacy. She uses food and meal as a medium to communicate any topic or delicate matter of her client without ever ignoring the importance of taste and the simple pleasure of eating.


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Food artist / chef


Cathrine Østerberg produces freshly made ice cream using flavours from around the world. Cathrine Østerberg has studied food science, gastronomy & health, and the recipes are based on her master thesis on ice cream structure. Østerberg has locations in Østerbro, Vesterbro and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).


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Andrea Deres (SE)



Andrea Deres is a freelance dance artist based in Copenhagen, with a degree from the Danish National School of Performing Arts (2005). She has initiated and worked within many different constellations and contexts though the years, mainly with the dancers’ collective Fanclub, and her interest circulate around the overlapping(s) of experiences and movements between performer and audience.

Amalia Kasakove & Anna Lea Ourø (FI & DK)



Amalia Kasakove and Anna Lea Ourø are a Copenhagen based artist duo that resides in the field of dance and choreography. After graduating from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2017 they moved to Paris and back again. Their work addresses how dance can hold a space for loss and how the leakage of these emotions  become part of the fibers of our very matter, as well as dances. Their latest piece “Sure” is set up in a form of a melancholic rave, where the repetition of dances and music step by step empty out the room and let the nothingness make itself known. Alongside performing at various venues in Denmark and France, their film work has been awarded at Cannes Film Festival 2018 and they are involved in projects that reach out to Sweden, to a small island in Lofoten and back to Copenhagen again. They will contribute to Mrs. phink’s House with a piece that stays near to their latest work.


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Excelsior is the solo alias of producer, composer and singer Anja T. Lahrmann. She created the alias in 2015 in a head-over-heels urge to bring together songwriting, technology and body. While the compositions on the debut EP, ‘Superimposed’ (2017) explored detail-oriented structures, Excelsior has now turned to the question of what materializes from deconstruction and disintegration. Somewhere between the layers of memory, everyday mantras, and future scenarios, the music attempts to seize a corner of Generation Z. In November 2018 Excelsior released the first single from her coming debut album


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Flower of Salt is a newly found duo by Emilia Pennanen and Victor von Hellens. The project was formed in late January 2019 as a result of great piano jams on Emilia’s Hellas piano.


Their music is inspired by the patterns of the sea. As with the waves and the tide, the music is not structured but still repetitive, predictable and therefore also captivating.


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Maja Lund Hvidtfeldt (DK)

Textile artist


Københavns Plantefarveri is a contemporary natural dye and design studio, established in 2017 by textile designer Maja Lund Hvidtfeldt. The studio focuses on timeless designs, high quality textiles and slow fashion, rooted in natural dyes and fibres.


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Sanna Lehto (FI)



Sanna Lehto is a Helsinki based portrait and fashion photographer. Lehto was one of the finalist of The 33rd edition of the International Festival of Photography at Hyères. She also won there the Public and City Of Hyères Prize with her series Morphologies. She recently completed her Master's studies in fine art photography at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.


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Asmus Gamdrup Petersen Jensen (DK)

Food historian


Historian and author specialized in the history of crops and food culture. Published the books KÅL (2015) and EGN (2018). Owns and runs the company KOST together with the chef, Peter Nøhr.





Fred Yuhe Zhang is a landscape architect and photographer based in Copenhagen. Putting his cultural backgrounds within a European frame gives him unique perspectives towards art, design, and landscape architecture.


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Gunnvá Nolsøe (DK)

Production & communication


Gunnvá Nolsøe works with communication and production within the creative industry. She has a background in art history and visual culture and has amongst others worked for Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Golden Days and CLICK festival.

Helge Lau Mortensen (DK)

Carpenter / architect


A copenhagen based architect and designer that works with everything from theatre, arts and stage design to furniture, interior design, and sustainable architecture.


Jacky Su (NZ)



Jacky Su is a filmmaker from Auckland, New Zealand, currently based in Copenhagen. Most recently, he worked as 2nd-Unit cinematographer on the upcoming Danish feature ‘Harpiks’, produced by Zentropa Productions and Adomeit Film.


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A plant scientist with a background in agricultural and horticulture, she has experience in scientific laboratory working on plant in vitro culture, plant rapid clonal propagation, elemental determination and plant regeneration. Outside of the lab, Jin works with plants through the lens of vitality and artistry.

Julie Annlie  (DK)

Film assistant


Julie Annlie is a filmmaker from Denmark. She has directed 4 short films and has been working on films by Fridtjof Film, DR, Zentropa and Adomeit in Denmark as well as in different departments as script developer, 2nd unit assistant, and the AD department.


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OLIVER Petragallo (UK / IT)



Oliver Petragallo is a design entrepreneur currently residing in Copenhagen. He studied materials science at Oxford University, but was drawn towards the world of design and making. He dropped out and began to do his own thing. Today he lives by creating bespoke design-solutions for a wide-ranging crowd of clients; x-factor, Rockwool, high-end shops and everything in between. Petragallo's working method is to solve problems or offer better ideas as to how things could be - all through design, which he both develops and fabricates in-house.




Copenhagen based illustrator and animator, who works within animation, motion graphics, drawing, illustration, surface design, graphic design & visual communication.


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